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Global and local reshaping small, medium enterprise business owners’ and executives from multi-nationals across the Asia emerging and Australia, and established markets. What will be the next major disruption?


Today's successful companies need to embrace the full spectrum of innovation — from incremental to breakthrough to radical — in both their R&D and business model strategies. This is where we believe the opportunity lies in developing such linkages between Asia and Australia.


We provide management consulting services, strategic insights and advisory board services to business owners, and executives from across industry sectors. Our focus is helping leaders strategically align their vision, mission and people, across the commercial, functional and strategic inputs, drivers and environments to deliver greater organisational performance and financial business outcomes.



Our consulting , design, advice and execution balances the focus on changing how your organisation functions and operates, while helping leaders focus on building a customer-centric culture – how to build it, how to measure it and how to keep it sustainable. Ensuring  that vision, values and beliefs and behaviours directly  impact customers and deliver financial and organisational effectiveness and performance.


Taking a customer centric and systems view we partner with you to change and transform the way you plan,  organise and deliver your business sustainably, with success. We provoke you to reassess, redefine,and reinvent your business strategy driven by renewed growth aspirations.


Our projects have included Network Acquisition strategies, New Business Major Contracts, Organisational Transformations,  Vision and Branding, Business Start ups, Business Operations Excellence, Market Development, Penetration and New Market Access, and  Business Innovation Strategy.



I have known Lance Houghton for some four years during which time he worked with our Consultancy for a period.
During this period he displayed a number of very worthy characteristics and attributes that would be valuable at senior level in many enterprises. These included his commercial acumen; analytical and numeric skills; leadership qualities, also demonstrated by his senior rank in the armed forces in South Africa; teamwork and focus on the "End Game".

Lance also possesses an outgoing and friendly persona, that combined with his managerial skills and background, would enable him to be an attribute to most organisations, or in a consulting role at senior level.

I wish Lance every success in his future endeavours where he will find the right outlet to add value to most opportunities that open for him.

Doug Munro
Managing Director


I met Lance a few years ago and as I have got to know him better he has continued to demonstrate his strengths as a Leader, as a free thinker, as a focused consultant, as kind person and most importantly for me : a good supportive friend.

Graham Le Roux

Business Coach and Facilitator


I have known Lance Houghton since 2000, and worked intensively with him in Tanzania from 2000 to 2007. 
The relationship was that I was the Project Manager for Siemens Telecommunications rolling out a full network deployment for Vodafone, while maintaining the installed network as it grew. Lance's company provided logistical, deployment and maintenance support to this Program at a level which resulted in them being awarded all of the work over their competition within two years. 

My most enduring memories of Lance was his uncanny ability to progress an argument between a group of extremely strong willed and vociferous individuals to a reasoned debate, and a list of agreed outcomes, which was to everyone's benefit. This was achieved while being the least vociferous, and, most often, guiding the feuds to solutions based on what Lance sensibly had decided was in the common good, taking a number of practicalities, many of which were not in his field of expertise, into careful consideration. Lance was able to apply this ability from manual labourers to board level.

Due to the close proximity, and the trying circumstances of working under the conditions that presented themselves, I often turned to Lance for support outside the scope of the projects, where his acumen, empathy and well honed common sense proved to be invaluable.

While it was a working relationship, Lance, and his colleagues at the time, made it feel more like a friendship with a mutually beneficial goal.

Billy Adams

IT Communications Manager 

AJ Wires
Ella Bache
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