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"A new battlefield for companies is the “customer experience”. Even though the core product or service a company provides remains important, many leaders agree they need to be more effective at creating experiences with greater impact around that product or service for their customers.


Leaders of organisations are now realizing that a strong customer culture is the real driver of customer loyalty, advocacy and gratitude. The other major trend is the desire of larger businesses to become more innovative. With disruptive technology challenging many incumbents there is a desire to be more successful at bringing new products and services to market.


The most customer centric organisations happen to also be the most innovative. They have the ability to understand their customers better that anyone else and continue to develop new products and services ahead of their competitors." Linden and Chris Brown, Market Culture Inc, 2015


MarketCulture was founded in 2003 by Dr Linden R Brown (PhD in Marketing). Over the next 10 years he dedicated to research in this area. In order to build this tool the team at MarketCulture surveyed the most customer centric organisations in the world including Amazon, Apple, Ikea and Virgin. This process resulted in a model that defined the core behaviours that make up what we call a Customer Culture. This research-based approach was designed to ensure that clients could feel confident that by taking action on the insights gained they would be following a proven roadmap to a healthier, high performing organisation culture.








We offer a world class, business relevant customer centric culture assessment and benchmarking tool. The tool, called theMarket Responsiveness IndexTM (MRI), helps leaders gain insight into how much attention their organisation is placing on their customers, competitors – both current and future as well as the external environment. An MRI score is provided as a benchmark against organisations known to be highly customer centric such as Apple, Amazon, Starbucks, and Virgin.

This provides a starting point for leaders intent on driving improved sustainable organisational performance using a customer centric approach.

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