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China, India and ASEAN growth is expected to grow  at 6.3% per year, year on year over the next 5 years, and to contribute to 1/3 of global growth. Companies in today's competitive landscape may face significant challenges, locally and regionally as they plan for growth and expansion within and across boundaries to gain advantages and market share of this growth.


There are a diverse range of potential challenges across the region, corporations and SME's and include:


  • shifting demographics, decrease in demand, lack of infrastructure,  talent shortages, labour cost constraints, unclear  new country and market regulation, trusted and collaborative partnerships and access to credit and working capital.


Breakthru Performance understands these and is well placed to help you take the first step forward - Don’t wait for all the pieces of the puzzle to fit into place, take advantage now of your business core domain and capability development, skill building and expansion plans. We partner with you to assess your unique business and situation and become "growth ready", so you are able to:


  • Improve productivity, scale up and take your  business cross boundaries

  • Seek new markets and grow regionally

  • Tap into technology and communications and become adoptions and innovators

  • Develop and attract, retain, help your  people learn unlearn and relearn

  • Navigate more easily your access to government and industry associations, networks, and where available funding schemes may assist your expansion plans


The Breakthru Performance partnership uses our expertise and experience to focus on customer-centric culture – how to build it, how to measure it and how to keep it sustainable.


While many companies focus on their internal culture based upon their vision, values and beliefs but not in a way that relates how that impacts customers.


We facilitate a creative mindset shift to enable you  to create scenarios and then targeted strategies and tactics to traverse these obstacles.


  • How well do you understand your future growth market?

  • What skills are needed to create value for your customers in your workforce?

  • How do you achieve your purpose, to create superior customer value, with profit?


Successful companies get even better at what they are doing. They do this by looking for new patterns in their market and are tuned into these signals of change,  decode them, and take quick action to modify and reinvent their business model and even reshape the market landscape, through for example, technology disruption.

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