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Breakthru Performance emerged in response to the recognition of the sometimes overlooked and growing needs of senior executives, entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to grow and expand their business within and across Singapore, Australia and Asia. We partner with business leaders who have growth, innovation and long term business success in their sights.  


Our clients are organisations that truly want to place more emphasis on creating the best possible value for their client, customers and partners, internal and external. This includes all organisations, large or small, including corporate, government and non-profit sectors. Creating a strong customer centric culture benefits all types of organisations as it focuses an organisation on its real reason for existing – to serve customers.  We support business leaders who want to:


  • Become more productive, scale up and expand their business, with a customer centric focus

  • Seek new lucrative and untapped Asia markets and grow locally and globally

  • Disrupt their local market and become industry leaders through technology adoption and innovation

  • Develop their most valuable "resource", people, to join them, and learn unlearn and relearn

  • Navigate the paths to maximise profit and minimise risk through better business management strategies


Our experience is in working with clients to deliver customised and integrated solutions within multi-national corporation settings as well as the various stages of business start-up and growth and expansion, in both established and emergent economic markets. 


Our footprint across many industry sectors, and our approach ensure business owners, executives and SME clients have access to best in class solutions, expertise and knowledge and accessibility to those local and interregional networks and resources that will maximise their business growth plans.





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